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Published : 01/24/2019 15:37:47
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Hi Chris,

My house is going thru a remodel and the new kitchen space isn't ready yet (it's getting plumbing and electric > then insulation and drywall > flooring - then cabinets.

I've bought 13 cabinets so far and I'll need another 8 or so.

That said, I bought four  90" pantry cabinets and installed three in the existing kitchen.

My observations.

The cabinets arrived quickly and both carriers did a fine job.  Ward Trucking unloaded the pallet wheeled it into my garage. Nice.

I've only opened 3 of the 13 cabinets and they were packed very well.  Ample packaging material, especially important on a long/tall pantry cabinet that is more susceptible to shipping damage.

I have a pneumatic narrow crown stapler, assembly of the taller cabinets required about 12 - 24" clamps.  Once you assemble the first cabinet, the rest are easy.  If I were to give directions to a newbe, it would be to start with a smaller wall cabinet to get the basics, then move to a larger cabinet.  Ample clamps and a helper are the key seeing that all components are square and free of visible glue once assembled.

The exterior paint and interior wood grain finish are nice - so much so I might order a fifth pantry cabinet.

I ordered 4 boxes of pantry shelves.  There weren't any directions that I could find, so the orientation of the drawer slides took a few moments to figure out.  I believe that the shims are placed right inside the front doors.

Please email directions, an illustration would be helpful.

The rear tan plastic slide support has protruding nubs that probably need inletted (drill hole) in the back panel.  Again, directions and/or a small jig would have been helpful.

The drawer went together well, but overall the slides fit and the visible shims and drilling or grinding off the nubs, wasn't the best experience.  One you do one, the rest will be easy.

Price was more than fair on the drawers, but I ended up  making a heaver prototype drawer using a 1/2" birch bottom panel, oak sides, and an overtravel slide that extends the drawer about 7" out further, making it easy to access heavy bottles of spaghetti sauce that are in the back of the drawer.

If you offered a drawer with a premium overtravel slide, you would sell a ton of them to a guy like me.

Since my cabinets aren't yet ready to install, regrettably I'm not in a position to do the unpacking video.  I don't expect to install these for about 6-8 weeks.

Thanks for the inquiry, have a great weekend,


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