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How to file a shipping damage claim in 3 easy steps!

Published : 05/21/2019 13:40:42
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How to submit a shipping damage claim in 3 easy steps!


  1.     Inspect each pallet for obvious damage.  This includes scratched or torn boxes, crushed corners, etc.  If any damage is found, please notate it on the shipping manifest before signing and allowing the truck driver to leave.  
  2.     After the driver leaves, open each box and inspect for concealed damage.  If damage is found, take a picture and log what cabinet it is.  
  3.     Once all cabinetry has been unboxed and cleared,  create an email or respond to the cabinetry tracking information email we sent you with a picture of each damaged item, and what item it is.  We will submit a shipping claim immediately and ship replacements as fast as possible.   It is our goal to get you replacement cabinetry in as little of time possible to minimize any potential delays.  We care about your timeline as much as you.  


You can send shipping damage claims to us using the email at the bottom of the website, or  If you have questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reach out.

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