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Your Guide To RTA Cabinets (Part One)

Published : 08/26/2019 11:42:18
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Your Guide To RTA Cabinets (Part One)

Curious about RTA cabinets? They just happen to be our specialty!

Ready to assemble cabinets (RTA) are great for any remodel — from kitchen cabinets to bathroom vanities — our RTA cabinets will improve the aesthetics of any room!

At Shaker Cabinet Supply, our factory-assembled and shipped cabinets are not only high-quality and attractive, but they’re built to last! Learn all about RTA cabinets in today’s post!

Why RTA cabinets?

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or any room where you’re replacing cabinets, you know that the budget can easily be eaten away with how expensive cabinets can be. RTA is a great negotiation between brand new cabinets and refurbishing your old ones — they’re right in the middle! You get new cabinets for a fraction of the cost! Let’s look more closely at them!

What are ready to assemble cabinets? 

RTA cabinets are similar to traditional cabinets you would order from any home supply store or local retailer, with the exception that they’re built and ready for you to install yourself — a great DIY project that saves you money! 

The cabinets will be shipped to you in what is known as a flat pack and will require you to build and install them, similar to how IKEA does it. 

Early RTA cabinets got a bad rap because they were very limited in the materials, colors, and styles you could choose from, but RTA cabinets have really evolved and come into their own, and now with the ease of online ordering, they have become a go to    

At Shaker Cabinet Supply, we offer a wide variety of cabinet choices that let you really customize the look of your cabinets for a perfect remodel. We offer the following RTA cabinets including:

Kitchen Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets

Door Styles

You can craft a unique style in any room with our RTA cabinets, not only the kitchen and bathroom. Instead, think about your garage, laundry room, or kid’s playroom — keep your whole home organized!  

Things To Factor In With RTA Cabinets

Yes, RTA cabinets are an excellent choice and an affordable option, but there are a couple of things to factor in that folks sometimes forget! When you partner with us we want everything to be upfront and transparent, making it the best cabinet buying experience you’ve had! 

Minimum Sales Tax

One of the best benefits of RTA cabinets is you don’t have to pay a hefty sales tax that you would if you bought them in a physical brick and mortar store. Sometimes there is a small fee, but you’ll save a good amount of dough not paying sales tax. 


Although you may not be paying large sales taxes there are shipping fees and because cabinets are heavy, the actual shipment may be hundreds of pounds. This is why it is vital to vet and go over the shipping policies.

When you buy RTA cabinets from us, we have a whole, clearly outlined shipping menu that gives you a flat rate for each state so you don’t have to guess what shipping will be. 

RTA cabinets really are the best way to do cabinets — they save you a good deal of money and they look great! There is always more to explore in the world of RTA cabinets, so stay tuned for part two!

If you’re ready to take the leap, connect with us today and began planning your kitchen or bathroom remodel! 





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