Terms and Conditions

General Terms:
1. No cancellations/refunds/returns. When you submit payment for your order, it is locked and cannot be cancelled/refunded or modified in any way.
2. All cabinetry is stocked pre-hung as hinge right. Wall cabinets may be flipped over, and all other cabinet doors are to be flipped on the job site. This will require a touch up kit to fill previous small screw holes.
3. For cabinetry ordered as unassembled, it will not include step by step instructions. Advanced woodworking skills are required for assembly as this is a more reliable traditional build, not a cam lock design. Please view our YouTube channel for further assembly information.
4. We ship cabinetry from different distribution centers across the US. Assembly lead times are different at each one so your lead time may fluctuate due to demand at the specific distribution center closest to you. While we do our best to estimate these lead times, they may be longer or shorter than we say and typically no longer than 4 weeks at worst.
5. By placing your order, you give us permission to email you after your cabinetry delivers to ask for a review. This is critical to our growth as an internet based company and greatly appreciated.

Damage and Warranty Procedure:
1. Unbox all cabinetry within 7 days of receiving delivery and inspect for any damage.
2. If damage is found, do not install or modify that specific cabinet.
3. Email Chris@ShakerCabinetSupply.com a picture of the damaged item, and another picture of the tag located on the back of the cabinet. If you are unable to find a tag, just let us know which cabinet it was in that email.
A warranty order will be created for you immediately and replacements will be shipped to you at no charge as soon as possible. Please make sure to look over your order for obvious damage before the truck driver leaves as this must be notated on the signed shipping manifest. Damage and warranty is rare however it does happen. We understand that it can be inconvenient and we will do everything in our power to expedite each situation.

Important: We do not compensate for contractor repairs or project delays due to shipping damage. We do not refund or credit accounts for damaged cabinetry, nor do we make trades or other arrangements for any customer who accepts damaged cabinetry. Shipping damage claims are resolved by sending replacement cabinetry/doors out to you as fast as possible. Shipping claims that involve assembled cabinetry do not fall in the standard assembly lead time and will be expedited.

• 5 Piece Drawer Fronts (unassembled orders): These upgraded drawer fronts are shipped loose along with your cabinetry. The drawer fronts will need to be swapped in the field. This is a very easy procedure that does not require instructions or special tools.

• A copy of the five year limited warranty may be found by clicking here.

Warped Door Replacement:
• Adjustment of door hinges is a required final step in any kitchen and bath install. If doors do not sit flat after maximum adjustment and pull away more than 1/4" from the face frame, follow the warranty procedure listed above. These often need a change of seasons to acclimate.

Cabinet Assembly (unassembled orders only):
• Before building our cabinetry, please watch our videos on our YouTube page. It is not a cam lock type system and follows a more traditional build. There are no instructions available or included with the cabinetry. Intermediate to advanced woodworking experience is required.

Cabinet Delivery:
• Delivery is drop ship via LTL Freight Liner. Please make sure to have capable individuals there to meet the truck because the driver will not assist with unloading. Further delivery details will be sent via email within 48-96 hours of order placement. Please make sure to check your spam/junk mail folders to avoid missing an important email.
All cabinetry must be checked off individually as received before the shipping manifest can be signed and released to the driver. Any items not claimed as missing on the driver's shipping manifest cannot be claimed and replaced. This is not to be mistaken for screening for concealed damage, which happens after the driver has left.
• All concealed damage must be claimed via email within 1 week of delivery. All claims filed after 1 week will be denied by the shipping company which will force us to deny the claim as well.
• Please make sure you receive your large trim items such as toekick and crown. These are commonly disconnected from the main pallet due to size.

• Due to drastic sales increases at unforeseen times, we will occasionally run into backorders. We receive new shipments of inventory every 30-120 days. We will ship all in-stock product immediately and ship any backordered items as soon as they arrive.
• We are not liable for delays in countertop templates, overall project delays, etc. We are and always will be a fantastic option for clients who need cabinetry quickly. If you are on an extremely tight schedule, please email us first to check stock before placing your order.

Complimentary Design and Shopping Cart Building Services:
• The client is responsible for verifying the complimentary design and shopping cart including but not limited to all dimensions, cabinetry, styles and colors, appliance sizes, and final cabinet list before placing their order.  It is advised to go through the space one last time to final measure all walls, windows, plumbing locations, appliance sizes, door locations, ceiling height, etc to verify that all cabinetry will fit.  The use of tape, non-permanent marker, or other devices to mark each cabinet on the wall is highly encouraged.  We are not liable for mistakes or errors and by agreeing to these terms you verify that you have completed the above listed procedures and that all cabinetry being ordered is correct.